Thin Client Solutions

Implementation of a network Server that can be accessed from any of your multiple locations, remote sites, authorized clients, home offices, anywhere..

Thin-client/server computing is available here and now thanks to Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture, which has become de facto industry standard for thin-client/server computing.

ICA thin-client/server technology gives you exciting new computing choices, enabling your organization to deploy business-critical applications to a broad range of client devices. With this choice, you can match the most appropriate computing device to the task at hand. Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a Citrix-invented technology that shifts the burden of application processing from the client device to the Server.

The user sees and works in the application interface, but the application and processing power reside on the server.

Within your office facility, between multiple locations, building to building, wherever. We have technology that can enable your organization to provide access to server-based applications from a wide variety of devices and platforms, for your sales staff, customers, multiple locations, etc..

Since these applications are installed, updated and maintained on central servers instead of at each client, the cost and complexity of administration are significantly reduced. This design model also enables rapid application deployment.

This is only one location at which software needs to be upgraded or serviced. In addition, because the applications execute 100 percent on the server, and only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates are transmitted over the network between the server and client.

The software enables high application performance even over bandwidth-constrained connections as well as greater data security.